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Voices of Berlin ->

Voices of Berlin tells the stories of Berlin’s residents through music for choir and improvising ensemble. It will use interview texts to form the basis of a unique historical and musical record, raising an awareness of our common humanity, connecting people through stories and music, as well as preserving contemporary thoughts, life experience and ideas for future generations.

The project is supported by the UdK/Hanns Eisler Elsa-Neumann Stipendium.



James Banner’s USINE (more info, tour dates etc.) ->

Album released on 18th October 2018 by JazzHausMusik.
Tour February – March 2019
Studio time awarded by the Berlin Senate for Culture and Europe.

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Practically Married ->

From 2018, Practically Married co-curate a monthly series at Berlin’s Donau115 – voted “one of Europe’s best jazz clubs” by the Guardian.


The Good Old Good Ones ->

Mark Pringle ->

Birgitta Flick Quartet ->

Tanrıkulu’s A Priori ->

Double Double Bass [with Greg Cohen] ->

Howard/Banner/Dinsdale ->


Liebesfilm [soundtrack performance]


birgitta flick quartet color studies


Birgitta Flick Quartet – Color Studies

DoubleMoon, 05.10.2018






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James Banner’s USINE

JazzHausMusik, 18.10.2018




Stemeseder/Banner/Alunni [self-release, 2018]
PENGUIN [2019]
Voices of Berlin [premiere 2019]
Rachel Sermanni [2019]