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It is okay to be suspicious, because talking about the working class in recent decades has often become a hollow ritual. Decency and moralism prevail, but nothing happens. But what sometimes mutates into farce turns out brilliantly.

Tim Mettke

Marietheres Schneider – voice/electronics

Rylan Gleave – voice

Angelika Niescier – alto saxophone

Megan Jowett – viola

Nick Dunston – bass/sampler/radio

James Banner – bass/electronics/samples

Commissioned for the 46th edition of Leipziger Jazztage, class-work cross pollinates a condemnatory metal and punk aesthetic with an ensemble of soloists drawn from the European improvised and contemporary music scenes. The music speaks self-reflectively about the impacts of our working class origin stories on daily life and social mobility, through investigation into poverty safari, cultural hegemony, intergenerational self and class identities, (food) guilt, personal joy and suffering, whilst words are drawn from the ensemble members, their families, social media and political commentators. The result is “an enrichment and a meaningful contribution to the class question. A topic that is far too underexposed for its always constant, painful relevance”. [Tim Mettke]

Review by Tim Mettke ->

(class-work premiered 25.10.2022. at Moritzbastei, Leipzig, and was recorded by Martin Ruch, release to follow. n.b. Marietheres Schneider was replaced by Friede Merz for the premiere)

Upcoming shows:

5.3.2023. – 15:30 – Industriesalon Schöneweide, Berlin – infos

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