The majority of my music is developed without scores, with minimal sketches or aurally and collaboratively with bands/performers – there is more work available on the videos page.

I’m currently developing the following pieces/projects:

– New material for Practically Married and USINE supported by Musikfonds – Vinyl/digital releases in 2022

TEXTS with Stephanie Lamprea, Nick Dunston, Michaël Attias, Liz Kosack, Anna Webber – Digital/book release in Summer 2022

– Duo for Bass Flute and Bass Clarinet – Premiere by The Chimera Ensemble, 2022

– Piece for voice, trumpet, clarinet, bass and drums – Release by Tilo Weber and Five Fauns, 2022

– Large ensemble improvised piece (pianos, harp, guitars, strings, drum kits, percussion, winds, brass, synths, objects) for Ozzy Moysey Ensemble – Release in 2022

Full scores for performance are available to download for free below – I would appreciate programme credits if you choose to use them for performance. If you’d like a copy of something that’s missing, individual parts or paper/PDF versions for performance, please contact me

Things my parents said about childhood

solo double bass

Commissioned for ION Shorts at Ideas of Noise Festival 2020 – Premiere 30.01.2020 at The Woodman, Birmingham

full info and programme notes

An August Midnight

harp/mezzo-soprano soloist or harp/mezzo-soprano duo

ca. 8 minutes

developed as part of The Arc Project’s for Songs On Thomas Hardy – Premiere 2022

Full score

The Whitewashed Wall

miniature in 3 movements for solo soprano

1 minute 40 seconds

Premiere 22.10.2020 at Roulette, Brooklyn

developed as part of Stephanie Lamprea‘s Unaccompanied: Tiny Works for Quarantine Volume I

“By dividing The Whitewashed Wall into three distinct movements, James Banner gives the singer multiple opportunities to show off elements of her virtuosity. “Why does she turn…?” offers leaping contours and a climactic high note, while “Well, once…” imposes a strict, swift tempo onto the melody. “My brush goes one with a rush…”, frenetic and clearly meant to push the singer to the very upper limit of her range, comes off as a controlled detonation.” [Nicholas Stevens, ClevelandClassical, 21.5.2020]

”Despite of everything else, Quarantine has brought the best out of many creatives…Vocalist Stephanie Lamprea asked a number of composers to write her short pieces while stuck at home. The resulting album is a gem, but English composer James Banner brings a playful setting of three Thomas Hardy poems. These tunes are light, manic, virtuosic, and full of twists and turns. A delight from within this delightles time.” [John Paul Mayse, Composer, 23.4.2020]

Played on WFMU 27.4.2020

Profile in The Boston Musical Intellingencer

Full Score

The Physics of Rebirth

solo soprano

2 minutes 30 seconds

developed as part of Stephanie Lamprea‘s Unaccompanied: Tiny Works for Quarantine – Premiere 11.6.2020 [online]

words by Rebecca Connors


Full Score

Piece for Solo Instrument

solo Bb clarinet

1 minute 30 seconds

developed for Vanguard Manchester – Premiere 2022

Scores for other instruments below – request one

Full Score – Clarinet in B flat // Performance Notes, Clarinet in B Flat

Full score – Trumpet in b flat

Full Score – Viola

Pizz Study 1 for Solo Viola

Le Poulailler

Miniature for Toy Piano

1 minute 5 seconds

Composed for George Xiaoyuan Fu – Premiered (on Piano) by Rolf Hind

Full Score

Two Movements for Three Guitars

Three guitars

7 minutes 20 seconds

developed for Dominic Matthews as part of The Arc Project for Digital Edition – Premiere online, 22.10.2020

Full score (concert pitch)

Full Score (transposed)

Trio for Viola, Bassoon and Percussion

viola, bassoon, percussion (snare, bass drum, vibraphone)

ca. 8 minutes

developed for Vanguard Manchester


Duo for Contrabass Flute and Bass Clarinet

contrabass flute and bass clarinet [flexible/open scoring available for performances by other instruments]

ca. 7 minutes


Full score


double bass, double bass/cello, viola, violin, objects/glasses + optional electronics)

6 minutes 7 seconds

Full score



SATB divisi + narrator

4 minutes

Full score

Community Projects

upcoming commission with NCN/Make The Paint Dance and Chapeltown Nursery – Collaborative piece with toddlers, bass, viola and electronics – premiere 2022

Concertino For Concert Band

concert band

18 minutes

composed as part of Adopt a Composer 2018-2019 – premiere 06.10.2019 at Salts Mill, Saltaire, broadcast on BBC Radio 3 09.01.2020

Full score

Journey On A Cloud

chamber ensemble + mixed children’s choir

6 minutes

Collaborative composition commissioned by Make The Paint Dance, for a project with a primary school in Cardiff

Full score


mixed electronic media + double bass

4 minutes 50 seconds

Collaborative community composition commissioned by Make The Paint Dance – premiere 31.5.2020

”It’s just a brilliant idea, I love it!” Nick Ahad – BBC Radio Leeds [31.5.2020]

Declan Forde, James Banner, Fabiana Striffler – Spiegelsaal Berlin (Photo Dovile Sermokas)