Practically Married

practically married 10 dovile sermokas
Spiegelsaal Berlin. Photo Dovile Sermokas

James and Declan have been ‘Practically Married’ since April 2015, a name proudly awarded to them due to their ability to spend time together almost every day with only minor frustrations, and the fact that they play almost every concert together.


Since 2015 they have collaborated with Vilde&Inga, Tobias Delius, John Hollenbeck, Max Andrzejewski, João Lopes Pereira, Eric Vaughn and many more, and have become a regular fixture on the Berlin jazz, improvised music and swing dance scenes. They also perform as part of other acts including the award-winning Rachel Sermanni, James Banner’s USINE, The Good Old Good Ones and have performed sold out shows at Spiegesaal and Konzerthaus Berlin (with Fabiana Striffler and Mirna Bogdanovic) and Leeds Jazz Festival in 2018. Upcoming releases are planned for 2020 with Jordan Dinsdale & Will Howard (UK), as well as Toby Delius & Max Andrzejewski playing the music of Herbie Nichols.

practically married 11
with Vilde&Inga, 2015

They curate a monthly series at Berlin’s Donau115, named ‘one of the best jazz clubs in Europe’ by The Guardian, and released their first album ‘Circus’ featuring João Lopes Pereira in October 2018.









Upcoming Releases:

Practically Married play Herbie Nichols [featuring Tobias Delius + Max Andrzejewski]

Upcoming shows:

16.09 – Practically Married #27 featuring Fabiana Striffler + Richard Koch – Donau115

Previous shows (selection):

2015 – present @ DONAU115 in duo and with guests including Greg Cohen, Eldar Tsalikov, Dima Bondarev, João Lopes Pereira, Will Howard, Jordan Dinsdale, Leo Forde, Fabiana Striffler, Paul Santner, Ugo Alunni, Tobias Delius, Rachel Sermanni, Mirna Bogdanovic, Uli Kempendorff, Julian Erdem, Rudi Mahall, Meschiya Lake, Fermin Merlo, Matthew Herd, Max Andrzejewski, Jeff Williams + more

2015 – present @ Turnhalle, Nou Tango, Rotbart, Tangotanzen Macht Schön, Edelswing, Swing in der Alte Turnhalle, Swing Base, Havelhop etc. music for dancing/dancers

2015 – present – concerts at venues across Berlin including Sowieso, Atelier 3/4, Festsaal Kreuzberg, Konzerthaus Berlin, Spiegelsaal Berlin, Miss Hecker, Theatre am Schlachthof, Villa Neukölln, Artistania, Café Dujardin, Werkstatt Der Kulturen, fuk;s, ZigZag Jazz Club, Zukunft am Ostkreuz + galleries and house concerts

Collaborations: Vilde&Inga, John Hollenbeck, Joel Hunter String Trio

Festival performances: Festival USA @ Konzerthaus Berlin; Leeds Jazz Festival 2018


— 9th – 13th May: Practically Married + João Lopes Pereira – Lisbon Tour —
09. Café Dias
10. Fábrica do Braço de Prata
11. Alô Alô
12. Market
13. O Bom O Mau e O Vilão